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Kingdom OF YAH of HOSTS
Ambassador Michael Israel

Greetings In the name of the Living Creator, YAH of HOSTS


Know all men by these presents;

The Kingdom of YAH of HOSTS, a Theocratic form of government consisting of twelve tribes, and the ruling tribe that being the Covenant House of Yehudah-(Judah in English translation) Genesis 49:10, do hereby give formal notice and declaration to the world community regarding its mission and goals.

Article 1

The word of YAH of HOSTS, the Living Creator is Natural Law, and is inviolable; it is the only law that is allowed to be observed, and is proprietarily unique to the Hebrew Israelite Nation.  Natural Law is sanctioned by YAH of HOSTS, the Living Creator, and He is the progenitor of the Hebrew people. Yah’s word is found in the Hebrew Testament.

Article 2

United Nations International Law Commission, Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 is hereby recognized as the diplomatic protocol utilized in the world community for the purpose of diplomatic agents, consular services, members of staff of the mission, members of the diplomatic staff, and the members of the administrative and technical staff of the Kingdom of YAH of HOSTS.

Article 3

The governmental mission is to bring Jacob, meaning the Twelve Tribes of Israel:

Reuben     Simeon     Levi     Judah     Dan     Naphtali     Gad     Asher     Issachar     Zebulun     Joseph     Benjamin

back to the Living Creator, YAH of HOSTS.  (Isaiah 49:5, 6). The mission provides for reaching all souls that have been scattered to the four corners of the earth,

And also to

“Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” Isaiah 58:1

Article 4

All Ambassadors, Ministers, and or Agents in any official capacity of the Kingdom Of YAH of HOSTS shall swear and subscribe his or her autograph to the “Sovereign Covenant of YAH of HOSTS,” regarding the keeping of the sacred laws, and the mission of the Kingdom of Yah of Hosts.

Article 5

No Ambassador, Minister, and or Agent serving in any capacity can cede or nullify the authority of the Principal of the Kingdom of YAH of HOSTS; which is identified in these articles as the Living Creator, YAH of HOSTS.

Article 6

Any Ambassador, Minister, and or Agent representing the Kingdom of YAH of HOSTS in any capacity who attempts to cede authority of the Kingdom, are acting under deceit, malfeasance, and or subterfuge, and are subject to disciplinary actions pending full investigation by Mosaic Law, and are subject to their immunities and privileges being revoked and or waived.

Article 7

The Declaration of Sovereignty, Covenant House of Yehudah Certificate of Ministry, and the Sovereign Covenant of YAH of HOSTS are hereby incorporated into this mission statement in full effect, and shall be in force as to the earliest date of official notification to any and all Governments, and or International Agencies.

Article 8

The mission of the Kingdom of YAH of HOSTS shall be to communicate in a way that is within the guidelines of the Creator’s laws while preserving the dignity of the Kingdom, and shall not be limited to verbal communication only. The word of the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, is the only accepted written word, and is not subject to personal opinion. (Proverbs 3:5) The Creator’s word shall be made available to tribal members of Hebrew decent across the face of the earth.

Article 9

As stated in the Declaration of Sovereignty, an integral incorporation into these articles, the Kingdom of YAH of HOSTS reserves all rights to communicate the Holy Sovereign Covenant, including necessary understanding of the covenant, to all Hebrew souls held in any manner of incarceration or detainment for the purpose of seeking the acceptance or rejection thereof.

Article 10

The mission shall be to relieve psychological and physical oppression worldwide; while also advocating for the widow and the fatherless. To turn the hearts of parents and children back towards each other, (Malachi 4:6) and to remember the Law of Moses.

Article 11

All Ambassadors, Ministers, and Agents of the Kingdom of YAH of HOSTS shall have unalienable immunities as granted by the word of the Supreme Being of the Universe, known as YAH of HOSTS, Living Creator

Article 12

The head of the mission shall be Ambassador Michael-Ward Israel. The Covenant House of Yehudah Tribal Council will directly assist in the mission as so designated.  The mission address shall be 1007 South 21st Street Tacoma Washington 98405.