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Men's and Women's Conference Questionnaire
Please note: The Kingdom of YAH of HOSTS does not promote or support debating and disrespect of others during conferences. Any display of behavior that does not adhere strictly to the Laws of the Creator or uphold His name will not be seen or tolerated at our events. We will do everything within our power to uplift the name of the Creator, YAH of HOSTS, and the healing and restoration of His people, Israel, with integrity and righteousness.

It is our time and our moment, let us seize it! We have to prepare ourselves for Yah’s return to His people. We must be righteous and our hearts must be pure. We each must address the many skeletons we have locked away in our personal closets for years and receive the true deliverance that only comes from YAH of HOSTS.

It is our desire to host a different kind of conference that projects a different kind of atmosphere and spirit. We will be showing and teaching the real love of Yah our Father (Abba). Topics to be discussed will include the following: 

  1. Correcting the Hebrew Israelite marriage, to include the right way to court (betroth) a daughter of Zion
  2. Solve conflicting marriages and marital situations (This will require our Ecclesiastical Court Judges for marriage related issues)
  3. The Hebrew Israelite man-child / youth in regards to;
    1. Gang activity
    2. Disrespect of women
    3. Building esteem
    4. Mental truth surgery
    5. Returning the love back to the parents and visa versa
  4. The Hebrew Israelite woman-child / youth in regards to;
    1. Restoring the value of virtue
    2. Building esteem
    3. Mental truth surgery
    4. Returning the love back to the parents and visa versa
  5. Seeking our Elders, who are willing; for the wealth of knowledge that they posses and incorporate that knowledge into a working plan of redemption for the Hebrew Israelite man, man-child, woman, and woman-child
  6. Security and ALL of its related connections to the family
  7. The real plan and role of the husband and wife in Yah’s sight
  8. Mentoring the orphan man-child, and widow and or elderly
  9. Create a special Commission to deal with violence
  10. A comprehensive answer and moratorium on the issue of multiple wives in accordance with scripture
  11. Ongoing workshops to address employment and family needs in this economic climate, including dealing with "this Society's Jackets of Gang member and Drug dealer" and the effects of this type of labeling that is blocking housing and employment opportunities
  12. Offering a way out of a life of destruction
  13. Create an empowered panel for intervention of youth into this (USA) prison system, to include talking about recidivism (going back to crime)
  14. Distribution of the fruit of our labors to the Hebrew Israelite community at large.
Last Name:
First Name:
City and State you currently reside:
Email Address:
1. Have you acknowledged your Hebrew Israelite culture? Yes
2. If yes, what community are you affiliated with if any and what city is it located?
3. Would you attend a unified Israelite conference where the primary interest is uniting, building, healing our people, and preparing to return home? Yes
4. Would you travel to the Washington, DC area for a conference? Yes
5. Aside from the location, what things of interest would attract you to attend a conference?
6. On a scale of 1-5, (5 being the highest and 1 the lowest) how important is it for our people to prepare to unify, build, and return? 1
7. Do you feel Israelite conferences, up to this point, have exemplified excellence, quality, and have been relevant to the needs of our people who are awakened Israel as well as those who are asleep? Yes
8. What type of things or qualities do you look for in a conference?
9. Is the spirit of those in leadership important for you to attend a conference? Yes
10. Do you feel that the Israelite family today truly represents what Yah expects from His people? Yes
11. Do you feel that there needs to be healing between Israelite men and women? Yes
12. Do you feel that there needs to be a strategic plan in place to help our communities to answer the question of why our youth are drawn to the streets and the values of the streets? Yes
13. Do you feel that Israelite camps need to do better in addressing the needs of our youth? Yes
14. If there was a conference offered that addresses these challenges with real answers, providing an atmosphere of healing, transparency and righteousness that doesn’t include egos, debating and arguing, would you be interested in attending? Yes
15. If there was a conference that addressed the economic woes within our community with viable answers and solutions that are Yah centered would you be interested in attending? Yes